Hot or Not in 2009 ….

24 Jan

Black flowers make a dramatic statement!The last thing you want for your wedding is pink satin bridesmaids dresses with big puffy sleeves and a bow the size of Canada on the back! However, pictures from your wedding would certainly give your future children quite a giggle! It’s hard to believe that only 10-15 years ago– that was “the thing” to do! Plus, there were round head pieces with ribbons flowing down the back that were “oh-so-popular”.

Each year wedding trends change and things are either “in” or their “out” for the season. Let’s take a look at some wedding 2009 predictions.  

There’s no denying that 2009 Wedding Trends will be influenced by the economy. Of course 2009 will be filled with smaller, intimate and more creatively chic weddings! 

An article on by Nina Callaway predicts some trends for 2009:

·         Farm Weddings Farms can be an affordable place to get married with a lot of charm. suggest adding some additional down-home touches like gingham tablecloths, pitchers of jam or other country wedding style. Look for a farm that has a barn suitable for a reception, hang some twinkly lights, hire a country band and go to town!
·         Couples are opting for intimate affairs. With fewer guests, they can do more luxurious details, like favors, dinner and wine! It is extra-special when you are  surrounded only by your truest friends and loved ones.
·         Macarons: The delightful French cookies not only have a delicious almond flavor and light texture, but bakers have a tradition of making them in bright eye-catching colors, making them perfect for weddings. The newest trend is creating a tower of macarons instead of a wedding cake, but they’re also stunning as favors or as accompaniment to wedding cake.
·         Gray: Chocolate brown has been the “It Color” popping up in weddings as a hip neutral. While chocolate brown isn’t going anywhere, the hippest new color for 2009 is gray. You may think of gray as too dreary a color for weddings, but on the contrary, it can serve as a sophisticated foil to brighter colors. It’s great paired with pink or yellow, but perhaps the hottest combination this year will be silver and royal purple.
·         Affordable and Re-wearable Bridesmaid Dresses: 2009 brides are considerate, and mindful of the economy, so they’re looking for bridesmaid dresses that are truly re-wearable, and don’t come with a sky-high price tag. For a beach wedding, bridesmaid can wear a knee-length, spaghetti-strap dress in any shade of blue. They’ll not only be able to shop the department store sales, but your wedding reflect the beautiful colors of the ocean.
·         Vintage Fashion: Having a vintage-inspired wedding is a great way to add some style without adding a lot of cost. 1920’s weddings will be especially hot this year. Especially look for brides wearing birdcage veils and fascinators. They look both vintage and modern, whimsical and classic, all at the same time.

Some other trends will be super short spring mini wedding dresses, bold colors, flapper-inspired bridesmaids attire, black flowers, Monogramming and much more.

The key to 2009 is “GLAMOUR” and I know I am excited, as well as everyone at Your Special Day, to see what 2009 has to bring!

Kat Kestler
Owner & Consultant
Merrymaking Events

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