Are you a Love bird?

30 Jan

Look at the Love birds!


love bird cakeA new trend that I am seeing everywhere for weddings these days are birds! Surprisingly, I really love it! And why not? When you are engaged and getting married…. You are a couple of love birds!  I know, at the sound of it… it seems a little “folksy” … but it really has a nice look to it and it is something you and your fiancée will most likely agree on…. meaning that it isn’t too “girly.” You’re guest will be saying, “look at the love birds” all night!!

You can fill your wedding with the cheerful melody of chirping birds! Merchants are starting to offer a wide selection of bird inspired products to embellish your ceremony. Check out these precious love bird salt and pepper shakers as a favor or love bird ring barrier pillow. There are so many cute ideas out there. I also love this idea because you can tie in the “nest” idea…. Since you and your fiancée will soon be sharing your own little love nest!

And you don’t have to use just one bird, use all types from exotic and colorful peacocks to delicate hummingbirds; the variety makes it easy to match your wedding colors. Try adding elegant feathers to favor boxes or have your guests toss bird seed instead of rice.

Checkout this blog on a truly inspired lovebird wedding, I am totally in love!

What are your thoughts? Anyone have a LOVE BIRD WEDDING and want to share??

Just Google: “Love bird wedding” and see what you can come up with!

Happy Nesting!


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