A Wedding to Ring in the New Year

3 Feb

nye-weddingNew Year’s Eve is brought in with much merrymaking and is carried on till the sun breaks!


I met a bride this weekend getting married on New Year’s Eve at Kress Terrace in downtown Greensboro! I thought that this was a very romantic way to ring in the new year and wanted to offer up some more advice on planning a NEW YEARS EVE Wedding.


To have your wedding on New Year’s Eve, you must plan it well in advance. Follow these steps for a successful New Year’s Eve wedding.


  1. PLAN! PLAN! PLAN! Reserve your venue way in advance, at least a year. A lot of places get booked up for New Year’s Eve or throw their own celebration. Schedule the times for night, starting your reception at around 8:00 so your guests will be there at midnight to celebrate the new year with you! 

  2. Inform your guests well in advance to save the date! Aim for at least 6 months, as most people have standing plans that they will have to cancel. As soon as you have determined the date and location, send the Save the Date! 

  3. Decide your wedding colors. New Year’s Eve is a perfect time to host a Black Tie Event, as most people enjoy dressing up a bit more on this special occasion. Black, silver and gold are good colors to use as they are normally associated with the holiday! 

  4. Food and Drinks! If you are planning your reception to start later… guest probley will plan to eat before your event. Stick to heavy hors devours and dessert. You can mention this in your invite so your guests are aware. Also plan for plenty of champagne and coffee for your big night! 

  5. Send your invitations around 3 months in advance, instead of the usual 2 month timeframe used for wedding invitations.   

  6. Plan your decorations! Be sure to include your beautiful wedding staples… flowers, candles, etc. But also don’t forget confetti, party hats, noise makers and a BIG CLOCK of TV for the countdown! 

  7. EHOW.com suggests purchasing party accessories and favors to go with the New Year’s Eve theme. “Good examples are personal champagne bottles, fortune cookies, a CD with the songs which were a hit during the past year, bells which say ring in the new year with (your names) or personalized calendars for the year to come (do it yourself or use the local copy shop).”


If you plan it just right…. Your wedding will not only be a flawless success, but it will also surely be a New Years Eve that no-one will forget!



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