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5 Feb

be inspired: ISOLA BELLA



I came across a website where I saw the most imaginative and beautiful notecards I have ever seen! They were their own pieces of art, and I wanted to order them so that I could frame them and use them as art in my home.  There were numerous products, not just notecards, and they were all stunning, in a casual, everyday sort of way. It inspired me to want to find out more about a company by the name of ISOLA BELLA. I know, by just the name… you have no idea what I am talking about. But that is the beauty—there are no couple of words to express to you what I found.The founder of ISOLA BELLA, and an artist, has created some of the most unique and creative pieces created through a process called “block-printing.” They would make great gifts, a special treat for yourself and a wonderful thank you to those who have done so much to support you! There are wine totes, note cards, pillows, linen coasters and guest towels… and the best part is that each piece is one-of-a-kind and obviously INSPIRED. So…. I dug deeper to find out more about these products and the artist behind them.

ISOLA BELLA which means “beautiful island” began in January of 2008 by an artist named Gina Feddersen in her home studio, based on the island paradise of Saint Thomas. A native of Long Island, New York, her background in art has been in the areas of painting, sculpture, illustration, and installation art.  She has worked in display design for top home and fashion companies and owned a fine art gallery in Rhode Island. So… she has the background to know what art means to her.  More importantly to her, islands have become the theme of her life.  Over the past decade she traveled to and lived in many seaside towns, cities, and islands around the world where she continued to hone her fine art skills.  “My passion for block-printing merges all of my art experiences into one perfect medium.”

What is block-printing? Basically, it is a printing technique where a design is carved into a wooden block. The raised area is coated with ink and prints the design on fabric or paper.  This technique can also be used by carving a design into … well, anything. A potato, a sheet of linoleum… the possibilities are endless!Block-printing

began as a hobby for Gina; printmaking was a medium she never worked in before. Soon after, she began making notecards and then art prints and the ideas and collection got started!

“When I print I feel completely immersed into the art,” Gina says. “It is a very rewarding process.”

After settling on Saint Thomas with her son and boat designer husband (who is from the island), living on a little island has re-awakened her eyes to nature, colors, textures and creating art.

Is that what inspires her?

“I am inspired everyday in all I do and see. I collect things from nature and reinterpret those shapes, or patterns and subjects in a new way and into useful things. A trip to the beach uncovers many treasures. I take those ideas back to my work table and begin my sketches and then carvings and finally my printing. Each design I consider a one-of-kind as they are hand-printed by me. I also have green-printed stationery that is printed by certified green printers from the USA. My collection is eco-friendly.”  

I asked Gina something that I feel can tell a lot about a person, what was her favorite part of her day. “I love my mornings,” Gina said. “I wake up just as the sun rises in the sky and go for a run along the tropical hillside that gives me a Birdseye view of the beautiful turquoise sea below. During those 40 minutes I dream and the creations begin unfolding in my mind.”

Gina is looking forward to bringing her followers many more exciting accessories and products this year. ISOLA BELLA will continue to grow and develop and I look forward to keeping an eye on this amazing work! Join me as one of her fans…. Check out her website at and when you fall in love with her art, as I have, you can purchase your own at




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