OMG: VALENTINE’S DAY IS IN A WEEK! Where did the time go?

6 Feb

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Every year I wait until the last moment…. Hoping that the “PERFECT” gift will appear to me! Then it gets to be too late and I am stuck with the options available at the local drug store. So I am standing there, being swallowed up by pink and red junk that I know my sweetie would not like anyway. Of course, he will be good about it… smile, say thank you and move on to dinner. I then wonder to myself, why didn’t I do something earlier? Why didn’t I take the time to do something from the heart? Where did the time go? I decided that one of my resolutions is to spend more time on the people that mean the most to me… especially for Valentine’s Day—the holiday for LOVE!


With today’s hectic schedules, busy lives and everything in between, the time slips away from all of us. I understand. So, this year I have found the perfect gift for those picture junkies like myself! Do you have photos of you and your sweetie on your computer or on CD’s? If so, I have the perfect idea for you…. don’t worry, it’s not something about a handmade scrapbook that will take you weeks to complete! I will even provide you a coupon to get $10 off! You still have 3 days to do it and have it BY Valentine’s Day!


MyPublisher is cool software that you download for FREE to your computer; it allows you to create a photobook in no time at all! You simply pick the layout, choose your photos, create your book, and place your order! They create a high quality book and ship it to you!  It is simple, affordable and heartfelt!

I have made many of these books over the years for my parents, my sister, my niece… and even last Christmas my sweetie made one for me! I am always so impressed with how simple it is to use and how beautiful the quality of the photobook is when I receive it in the mail, less than a week later none the less!  It is such a thoughtful and romantic way to show them how much your memories with them mean and create something to look back on for years to come!  

I suggest adding your favorite love quotes, song lyrics and personal messages that mean something to you for a special touch! Need some examples?


Here are some pages out of one of my books, made for my sweetie:

The best part, if you order before FEBRUARY 9,
you can have it by Valentine’s Day!
See their promotion below from mypublisher that
includes a $10 off coupon!! Get one for your sweetie today and
then come back here and let us know what you think of it!!




To download your software and get started, visit mypublisher at

Or comment below with your email and I will send you the getting started guide via email!


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