6 tips to survive Valentine’s Day

12 Feb


vdayValentine’s Day is this weekend! I remember in college my girlfriends and I would have a special Valentine’s Day tradition. It didn’t matter if we had boyfriends, were single, engaged or otherwise committed…. We made Valentine’s Day a holiday to hang out with just the girls! We would cook a big pot of pasta, have some red wine and veg out in our PJ’s to a good chick flick (Bridget Jone’s Diary was a favorite)! Check out the top 10 chick flicks!  Now that I am grown (sort of) I celebrate Valentine’s Day with the love of my life, or course, but I still miss those days where Valentine’s Day was truly about doing something I loved instead of doing something because I am supposed to.

Don’t get me wrong… I love hanging out with my schnookums, I just think that doing something sweet and thoughtful is SO MUCH MORE ROMANTIC when it is done on just an ordinary day!  For example, when I have a horrible day and I walk in the door …. barely able to stand one more second of being awake…. and I see that my sugar-britches has made dinner, chilled a bottle of wine and has the massage oil ready to give me a foot massage…. I think to myself how thoughtful and sweet…. I instantly fall so madly in love with him all over again! To have someone who does this year-round is something extra special in my life that I appreciate everyday!

Even though I am pampered all year long…. Valentine’s Day still comes and the “girly girl” in me comes out… my expectations for something uber romantic are so high that his sweet gestures never quite live up to them.  I thought I would write a post in hopes that there are some men out there reading who can learn a little something because I feel for Men this time of year. It pretty much sucks to be them on Valentine’s Day—hopes are high and women all of the world are counting on them to really exceed those ridiculous & unrealistic expectations. Here is some help…

1. Don’t waste your money on stuffed animals. Unless there is a special meaning between you and your love. They are a waste of money and something that she will have to sell at a garage sale to a kid for $.10! Don’t make a grown woman feel like you don’t respect her as your equal because you are giving her something that you would give a 5-year-old.

2. Go easy on the sweets. It’s ok to buy a box of chocolates if that is what your lady likes… but don’t but the super box where she will need a gym membership to go with it. Perhaps try some chocolate covered fruit or some spicy chocolate to heat things up! Some sweets for your sweetie is a nice gesture…. Just keep it under control!
Try this:

3. Flowers are fine, but make it original. Yes, that’s right. It is perfectly acceptable to show up with a blooming bouquet on Valentine’s Day…. just as long as they aren’t red or all roses. For the love of cupid – do not buy a single red rose. Please. 

Try these
A delicate grouping of hot pink lilies. Sexy, sweet and totally special. $39 and up from FTD.com

A textured bunch of rich purple blooms. Unexpected but not unfamiliar, and likely to be unforgettable. $39 and up from FTD.com

4. Put a pen to paper and tell her how you feel. If you don’t listen to any other advice I will give, trust me on this one! It doesn’t have to be mushy –  it just has to be personal. Tell the story of why you fell in love, or a day that you spent together. Remind her of something that made you both laugh. Quote a favorite show or movie. It doesn’t even have to be long, it just has to be obvious that you didn’t write it in the car. Trust me on this one. 

Try This:  Buy her some beautiful stationary and use the first sheet to write your love note!
Paper Twist

5. Plan a romantic dinner in. Start a fire…. light some candles…. cook her something that is romantic to feed her, get some wine and rent her favorite movie! She is sure to love to snuggle up with you for some one-on-one time!

6. DO NOT PROPOSE ON VALENTINE’S DAY. It’s not a good idea. DON’T build it up with anticipation and fancy dinner plans and don’t incorporate hearts, roses, or teddy bears into your proposal. Trust us, you are just asking for trouble, and we are begging you to make a different day your special “engageaversary”. Go back and read the part of the post where something is much more romantic when done on an ordinary day!


Leave us some comments letting us know about the sweetest thing your guy has done for you lately, or share Valentine’s Day horror stories!



3 Responses to “6 tips to survive Valentine’s Day”

  1. Annabelle Gyerson February 16, 2009 at 12:54 pm #

    I am 31 and my girlfriends and I still get together on V-day to celebrate the only real love we have know, the love of girlfriends! Glad to see we aren’t the only ones out there that celebrate this wonderful relationship we have.

    We are all married now…. but to celebrate with those who have stuck by you all along is something special!

    We like Sweet Home Alabama!

    • katkestler February 16, 2009 at 12:55 pm #

      Good for you Annabelle! Keep your girldfriends…. YOU GO GIRL!

      • katkestler February 16, 2009 at 12:57 pm #

        Never Been Kissed with Drew Barrymore is also a classic!

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