What I love today… Fake it with take out

18 Feb

chickI am the middle child. I have an older brother and a younger sister. Growing up, my Mom was involved in everything! I remember her constantly running all over the place with no time for anything! Here’s an example of how it went: when my brother needed something for the bake sale, Mom would make Tollhouse Chocolate Chip cookies from scratch! When I needed something, she would buy the box mix. By the time my sister came around, Mom would buy the cookies from the bakery and put them into our own Tupperware so that everyone thought she was Super Mom. She may not have baked them herself… but believe me, she was Super Mom.


This got me thinking. Planning a wedding can be a lot like having 3 kids.. it just keeps piling on. During the very hectic engagement period, the last thing you want to do is entertain people and have to prepare dinner! But you can’t just stop hanging out with your friends, after all… you need to unwind and relax too! I found on Real Simple today the “Fake It with Takeout” article and fell in love. I had to share with you the timesaving way of transforming carryout food into party-perfect cuisine! With these little tips, you can entertain and be Super Bride!


Real Simple Magazine is one of the only subscriptions I have. I love the publication and the many time-saving and innovative ways they offer to do some of the most mundane tasks. I also peruse their website, http://www.realsimple.com, from time to time.


Read how to transform carryout food into party-perfect cuisine.


One Response to “What I love today… Fake it with take out”

  1. a super mom February 27, 2009 at 3:39 am #

    You always have the best ideas to share. This is a great thing to do when those out of town guests start arriving and drop by.

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