New titles for us…

9 Apr

business-cardI was speaking with one of my vendors today, and he gave me the nicest comment.

He said, “Kat, I know you’re one of the Owners of Merrymaking Events, and you’re one of the lead Consultants, but you know what you really are?”

I was a little put back at this and was wondering what he would say next. A little nervous because this guy is a jokester, I braced myself and said, “Ok, Steve, tell me what I am.”

“A Merrymaker. You make people’s dreams come true and their event a happy one.”

I was so happy that I blushed a little and decided that Kristin and I should have new titles for our business cards, “Merrymaker.” Thank you Steve.



One Response to “New titles for us…”

  1. Kristin Turner April 10, 2009 at 10:32 am #

    What a nice compliment!
    We are “merrymakers”!!! However, we are also negotiators, referees, accountants, bookkeepers, counselors, peace keepers, bouncers, artists, directors, workaholics, and advisers amongst many other titles. If we were to “edit” our business cards, I would suggest just putting “merrymakers” on it instead of all of our other titles! 🙂 “Merrymakers” is definitely the best title out of all of them. Tell Steve I said Thank You for the wonderful compliment!

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