Wedding Splurges for Your Tax Refund!

15 Apr

April 15th … Tax Day!


I hope you had your taxes done and submitted weeks ago… but if you are like most of us when it comes to things we dread…. you will be one of the many procrastinators that will be hitting the SUBMIT button online tonight at 11:59pm.


Instead of focusing on the negative, I like to focus on the positive. If after you submit your I9s and 1040s you may just realize you will be one of the lucky ones who will be getting money back from the government this year! With a wedding to plan, and pay for, a refund check may come in handy for some of those little spurges (that aren’t in the budget) that you really want on your special day! Here are some of my favorite wedding splurges:


Shutterbooth: Say cheese! Ok, this is a no brainer! Who wouldn’t want their very own photo booth at the wedding reception? It is a great favor to offer your guest, the photos make a great wedding album for you and how much fun would it be for everyone while they are waiting for you to get done with your own candywedding photos? Check it out here


Candy Bar: The more sugar the better! I love candy bars at weddings. Choose different sweets in your wedding colors, fill different size jars and include personalized take home bags for you guest to use! You can really have some fun and include old timed candy that you liked as a kid, such as pop rocks or jawbreakers! It’s just a fun way to celebrate!


cocktailPersonalized Cocktail: This is fun. You and your honey can design your own signature drink (with your own signature color) to include as a cocktail at your reception. I have seen couples create a drink named by their combined names, or the new last name, or even it call it something romantic. For example, the new Mr. and Mrs. Bellamy, whose wedding colors are pink and yellow, may do a spin on the traditional Cosmo, add a Lemon wedge and call it the “Bellapassion”. This is your chance to be creative, have something of your chooown and have fun. This is also a good way to save on your bar tab…. just offer beer, wine and your signature cocktail instead of a full liquor bar.


Shoes: You girls know what I’m talking about! With a little extra cash you can splurge on some Jimmy Choos for your big day! When else can you justify spending that kind of money for shoes?! It’s your day, so if you have your eye on some FABULOUS shoes, go for it! Check out the Jimmy Choo bridal selection!



What are your favorite wedding sPlurges?!


3 Responses to “Wedding Splurges for Your Tax Refund!”

  1. Jean January 20, 2010 at 11:49 am #

    Girl! I am going to pocket the little extra cash I am looking forward too and am planning on spending it on some wedding day jewelry for myself. Nothing too much, but something I can wear to feel beautiful on my day, and have for a lifetime. One day I can pass it down to my daughter for her wedding day…

    • katkestler January 20, 2010 at 11:52 am #

      Jean, That sounds like a good idea if you can afford it. I like that you are going for something tangible that you can hold on to and pass down… and I am sure you will feel beautiful on your wedding day regardless… but jewelry sure does help! Best of luck!


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