Thank You For A Wonderful Sunday Afternoon

20 Apr

Kristin and I spent yesterday afternoon in Midway, NC…. which is not far from Winston-Salem. There was a little “open house” at Beverly’s of Midway and we were able to attend. The day started off nicely, a little overcast… but warm.  We were outside, enjoying the fresh country air and meeting some wonderful brides-to-be.

giveaway basketWe were asked to participate in a giveaway for the show and decided to do a “Relax and Unwind Picnic Basket.” We know how overwhelming planning a wedding can be, and we always suggest a nice and simple “date night” to take the stress off the relationship. A picnic is a perfect way to relax, unwind and enjoy each other. We filled the basket with wine, cheese, bread, brownies, and other goodies for the couple to enjoy on a stress-free picnic. It’s important to keep on dating, even after your married! Check out this article on easy and fun dates to keep the spark alive!

It started to drizzle rain, which was okay because we were under a tent. But then it turned COLD! I suddenly regretted the super cute Capri’s I was wearing! But, nonetheless, the day was filled with good people, good food and a good time for all. Thank you Beverly!


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