Cocktail hour– say cheese!

21 Apr

One of our October brides has choosen to hire Shutterbooth for her shutterboothreception and I am SO excited about it!

First let me say that I adore Neal and Cheryl from Shutterbooth. They are so much fun!

I think this will be a great way to capture some memories, entertain your guest and most importanly… give a ‘WOW’ factor.

You may have heard me mention the “WOW Factor.” I believe when you are throwing an event, you need to have a flow of “WOWs” for your guests. A “WOW” is simply something unexpected & unique. Having a photo booth at your reception is most certainly a “WOW”…

Who doesn’t adore getting in a photo and acting like their 10 all over again?! There is something about a photobooth that makes you want to goof off!

The best part is that you can supply a book for your guest to insert their “shutterbooth film strip” (with your personalized wedding date and logo) and then write a personal message for the Bride & Groom! It is both a wedding favor, and wedding scrapbook!

Good choice Jordan, we are excited to see how all the funny pictures from your event will turn out!

Check out Shutterbooth at or visit Neal and Cheryl’s blog at


One Response to “Cocktail hour– say cheese!”

  1. shutterboothraleigh April 22, 2009 at 12:59 pm #

    We think you guys are fun too! We’re happy to help make Jordan’s special day more fun, unique and memorable. We can’t wait — it WILL be a blast.

    Neal and Cheryl

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