It’s a nice day for a …. Ummm, GREEN wedding?

22 Apr



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Kristin and I pride ourselves on being able to educate ourselves in the ways and traditions of any bride. We think of it as our job to fulfill the Bride and Grooms visions for their special day, no matter what culture, religion or view.  So, for today… EARTH DAY, I wanted to share with you a little bit about ecologically-friendly, or GREEN, weddings. The green wedding is gaining momentum across the nation as more and more couples are concerned with the environment. It is their passion, and they want to show the ones that they love their concern for the Earth. Yes, you can have a GREEN wedding without losing your sense of style!  

There are many, many ways a couple can make their wedding green. Three easy ways:

  • Minimize the amount of driving your guests will need to do.
  • Donate leftover food rather than throwing it out.
  • Don’t register for things you don’t need: give your guests the option of giving donations in your name instead.

When it comes to more functional aspects, the green wedding has three basic goals:

  1. Do no harm
  2. Patronize earth-friendly vendors
  3. Reuse/recycle     

1) Do No Harm

green-wedding-gownThe green bride tries to avoid products or activities that could compromise the environment. For this reason, butterfly releases are rare and beeswax candles are avoided, as is the use of styrofoam or soft plastics at the reception – glass and porcelain are substituted.

Many green bridal couples are vegetarian or vegan. This provides a great opportunity to serve alluring ethnic foods at the reception, for a reasonable cost. You can also find local famers, who grow foods organically to cater your event. One of our favorite local caters is Beau Catering. They us recycled materials whenever possible and can help you achieve your dream of a green wedding… while giving you some AMAZING food! See their website at: 


When the green bride buys a new wedding gown, she often looks to hemp fabrics. Hemp is widely respected among environmentalists, because unlike cotton, it is grown without pesticides and returns most of its nutrients to the soil. Surprisingly flexible, hemp can even go upmarket (“hemp satin”). There are many, many vendors online… but for our favorites, check out, and .

Flower petals in paper cones are environmentally friendlier than bubble solution in plastic containers, and require no clean-up. The trick is finding petal suppliers that don’t use pesticides. These growers are more popular in the U.K. than the U.S. green-wedding-favors

Green brides might also distribute harm-free favors, such as sachets made of pesticide-free herbs, live flowers, tree seedlings, or small packets of organic tea. In fact, some brides register at charitable organizations instead of department stores, and contribute to environmentally-active organizations instead of handing out favors.

One of our brides decided to jar her mother’s homemade jam as her favors… this is a great example of being conscious of the environment, while still having a popular wedding favor. Beau-Coup, a popular wedding favor company now offers many eco-friendly favors:

3) Reuse, Recycle

Even the most traditional wedding brings opportunities for reuse/recycling. For example, leftovers from the reception can be delivered to food banks, and flowers dropped off at hospitals or rest homes.


Handmade paper, with flower seeds so it can be planted after reading!

  • ·         Choose recycled paper for invitations and Save-the-Date cards.
  • ·         Re-use a wedding gown.
  • ·         Buy a wedding gown that can be worn after the wedding day.

Eco-friendly does not always mean cheaper. Brides are sometimes surprised to discover their weddings cost a great deal, just like those of the more traditional weddings. But, if the environment is something you are passionate about, when you opt for the green wedding: a more “nature,” less formality, and less conspicuous consumption… you will find it was time well spent – and perhaps nurtures the hope that a guest or two will be inspired.

Check out these books for more information on a green wedding!

Green Wedding: Planning Your Eco-Friendly Celebration


The Green Bride Guide: How to Create an Earth-Friendly Wedding on Any Budget

Great Websites to Check out:
Eco-conscious caterers, bakers, floral designers and other vendors, plus favors.
Environmentally-friendly wheels for your reception; the site serves major cities.
Items like biodegradable confetti and cotton favor bags are festive but don’t add rubbish.
From South Africa to Portugal, the world’s organic wines brought right to your door.
Energy-and-water-saving properties that cut down on waste and excess.
This site alerts you to eco-friendly designs and accessories that are chic and modern.
Do-it-yourselfers, head to this site for gorgeous organic blooms by the armful.
Unbleached cotton and hemp beanbag chairs are great for your after-party.

How do you plan to make
your wedding GREEN?

2) Patronize Earth-Friendly Vendors


3 Responses to “It’s a nice day for a …. Ummm, GREEN wedding?”

  1. limousine hire london April 24, 2009 at 2:53 am #

    you guys have proofed to the rest…. that the earth is indeed more important….than ourselves……its time we walk the talk……not talk the walk!!

  2. katkestler April 24, 2009 at 7:57 am #

    Thank you. The Earth is important and there are so many simple ways to lessen your carbon footprint…. we do what we can with what we know– weddings.

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