A little something different for your table….

23 Apr


Milani Home



I have always been artsy, creative and somewhat whimsical in my style. When I was in college one of my best friends was an art major, ceramics and pottery to be exact. I decided that for my art elective, I would take pottery. I really enjoyed it. It was a nice stress reliever for me. I never created anything that anyone (other than my mother) would appreciate, but that’s what art is all about. My friend on the other hand is really talented and has gone on to continue her craft and wants to sell her pottery. She has opened my eyes to pottery, and how it isn’t all brown and blue bulky pieces that look alike. A new trend I am seeing is a “fresh” approach. I see more and more pieces that appeal to a younger and more unique demographic. But… it is still not the norm.


I was playing around online and BAM! Oh my gosh, I’m in love! I found the most amazing and unique pottery pieces online from one of my favorite sites (www.uncommongoods.com) …. but the artist (Tammy Milani) turns out to be from Greensboro as well! What a small world it is.


When I work with couples and they ask me about registering, I tell them some simple advice. I think you should register somewhere everyone can go and afford (like Target, Khols, etc.), somewhere where you can register for china and dishes (Macy’s, Dillards, etc.) and then a specialty place that offers something unique and special to you (Williams Sonoma if you’re a cook, a landscaper, an art gallery, pottery studio, etc.) By doing this…. it gives your guests options and gives you a little of everything!tea-sets


 The pieces from Milani Home would certainly be your something unique that would give you pieces for your home that will stay with you for as long as your marriage! I just love them!


And if anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas…. Anything shown in this blog will be fine! J I want to get married… just to register for the cooking dishes!



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