We are thankful.

9 Jun

Kristin and I talk all the time about how blessed we are to have such wonderful clients. We love what we do, and hope each day that we not only work to our full advantage, but that we make our clients feel good and enjoy the process!

When we recieve testimonials and thank you’s, we are thankful to have such thoughtful brides, grooms and mothers! Kristin recieved this one today from one of our newleywed Brides and I wanted to share. Kristin did a fabulous job as lead consultant with Kelli!

Getting engaged was a wonderful time in my life that I will never forget. A week after I was engaged to my now husband Will, I realized how lost I was when it comes to planning a Wedding and what exactly I wanted. My mother and I found the place and the dress but were lost until we found Merrymaking Events. The day that we met with Kristin and Kat I already felt like a weight was lifted off of me. They were so nice and organized I knew that they would be just what I needed to have the wedding of my dreams. As my mother and I kept planning Kristin was always there to answer any questions I had and gave me advice that I needed. They are always there for you to keep you calm and let you know that they are there and will do anything they can to make you happy. I remember Kristin saying “If you wanted tables on the roof we would find a way to get you what you want” this showed me how dedicated Merrymaking Events is to their work. On the day of my wedding they were there early making sure everything went well but of course the one thing went wrong that none of us could control the weather. I had an arbor outside in the rain and Kat and Kristin knew that I wanted that arbor in my wedding so they carried it in out of the rain even though they were soaked. I will be eternally grateful for that because the wedding was beautiful and even if anything went wrong I didn’t know about it because they handled it. I would recommend Merrymaking Events to anyone because they truly care and do a fabulous job.
~ Kelli Russell


One Response to “We are thankful.”

  1. Sam June 23, 2009 at 11:08 am #

    Kat, When I knew you in college… you were a planner and an organizer. It is no surprise that you are now a wedding planner who gets amazing feedback from your customers. You would always go above and beyond to help others so I am sure that you are a success. Congratulations!

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