Head Table, Sweetheart Table or Neither One?

24 Jun

A question that Kristin and I are asked a lot is something that seems so easy. Do you want to do a head table, a sweetheart table or neither? It is a BIG question for brides and it causes unneeded stress! Let me clear it up a little…

 head tableThe traditional way would be a head table, where the entire wedding party sits at a long table in front of everyone. This is an option that allows you to dine with everyone who is a part of your day, but can also cause some concerns. One concern is that your wedding party is unable to sit with their significant other or mingle during the reception. Another concern is being stared at by everyone in the room; it can be a little awkward.

sweetheart tableIf you are looking for something more intimate and not so traditional, a sweetheart table is the way to go! This option allows you and your new husband to be grab a few minutes alone to have some dinner and bask in the bliss of being newly married. This also allows your guests to stop by and congratulate you, which is a nice substitute to the traditional receiving line.

Some couples are also deciding on a third option, ditching both the head table and the sweetheart table. These couples want to sit with their families at a traditional round table to be able to mingle and enjoy their dinner. This is nice for those who don’t want to be in the spotlight, and just want to have a laid back style.

Whatever you decide, it will be the right choice. It’s your personal preference for your special day and whatever works best in your situation. Your ultimate goal is to enjoy your day and be sure to thank all of your guests for sharing in your special day.

Happy Planning!


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