@ The Greensboro Wedding Show….

10 Aug

I heard a quote somewhere about success, and how to achieve it:

MME“Ask yourself three questions: First, what comes easy to me but harder to others? The second question is, what would you do for work for years and years and never have to get paid for it? And the third question is, how can you be of service and how can you give back?”

Kristin and I are so blessed to be able to do what we love…. do what we’re good at … and give back by helping couples have a wonderful, stress-free and memorable wedding. What a better way to start off their new life than with a happy celebration, and we get to help!

We wish we could just do weddings all the time…. but we have to also go out and do wedding shows to meet new Brides-to-be and let them know we are there to help. I have mixed feelings about these shows. I remember walking around the shows as a bride, as a maid of honor, as a best friend… and I was so overwhelmed.  There were pushy salespeople, there were services I didn’t need and there was so much noise that I couldn’t relax! (Who can relax in a convention center?) So, now that Merrymaking Events participates as a vendor, we try to change that. After all, part of our job is to shield the bride from becoming overwhelmed at these shows, so it is natural when we meet a bride at the show, we want to calm them, guide them and help them.

We met some amazing brides at this weekend’s Greensboro Wedding Show and we had so much fun. Thank you to Dream Catcher Images for an amazing giveaway! A lucky bride won a free Bridal or Engagement Session and they will not be disappointed! Sure, our feet are killing us…. but it was worth it to eat wonderful wedding cake, dance to some funky music and take pictures in a photo booth!  So often, we are executing the details to beautiful weddings that are, after all, the bride and grooms vision. At the wedding show, Kristin and I get to have some fun and execute a vision of our own.

We designed everything in the booth, from creating the floor to hanging the curtains…. we even did the centerpiece all by ourselves. Sure, we knew we were creative…. but we are proud every time we create something beautiful and have fun in the process. To us, that is success.

Enjoy the pictures!

WE ARE RUNNING A SHOW SPECIAL THAT YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF! Contact us today and see how we can help with your next event! info@merrymakingevents.com


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