Outstanding Customer Service

31 Aug

smilesCustomer Service is something that Kat and I take very seriously. We believe that every client should feel like they are our ONLY client, and that any problem that arises should be solved immediately and with care. It seem like so many companies think of good customer service as an afterthought nowadays. The truth is that if your clients/customers aren’t 100% satisfied with you, your company will never grow. Although our clients only get married and use our services once, we rely heavily on recommendation so our clients happiness is a huge priority to us.

Being a business owner and dealing with clients on a daily bases, I am always impressed and set-back when I myself receive excellent customer service. Outback is one of my favorite restaurants, and I use their take-away service often. I placed an order on Saturday evening, and when I arrived home (20 minutes away) I realized that my order was incorrect. While playing Paper-Rock-Scissors with my husband on who would have to drive back to the restaurant I received a call from Outback. They had caught the mistake and were inquiring about my address so that they could deliver the correct order to my house. A restaurant that does not do delivery drove 40 minutes round trip on a busy Saturday night to please one single customer. I was so impressed and will absolutely continue to be a loyal customer of Outback on Westover Terrace in Greensboro.

Experiences like that one reaffirm to me how important customer service is. It should come before everything else. It should be the backbone of every business, and we at MME strive to achieve that everyday! I pride myself on Merrymaking Events customer service and know that all of our clients would agree.


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