Real-Life Bride Wars

2 Sep

Something that we have heard from some of our brides is the fear of their friends stealing their wedding ideas. This fear and anxiety comes when friends are engaged at the same time, attend wedding shows together and plan their weddings at the same time. This happens more and more, just Google it and see all the message boards that come up! There is even a movie about it, Bride Wars. Even though I very much enjoyed the movie, the situation in real-life is much more emotional, dramatic and not as funny. After all, you spend months planning this day and have a lot invested in it. So what do you do if you feel your friend is stealing your ideas?


Calm Down

Don’t let something like this get you all worked up girl! People taking your ideas will happen when you have good ideas. Take it as a compliment and remember to breathe. This is not something to fly off the handle about.


Remember Why You’re Friends in the First Place

I don’t know about you, but most of my closest friends have a lot of things in common with me…. that’s why we became friends. They might not be intentionally “stealing” your ideas, just have very similar taste to yours.


Think about the Elements

All weddings have the same basic elements. There is room for some uniqueness, but there are a lot of ideas that are seen over and over again. Someone came up with the Unity Candle tradition and now it is done in most weddings. Trends in weddings go in and out so there tends to be a lot of the same ideas happening within a certain season or age group. For example, Fall Wedding Trend for 2009 includes deep reds, oranges, purples and golds. They are in all the magazines and online. This doesn’t mean someone stole it from you; it is simply “in-style.”


A Unique Twist

What I love most about weddings is the unique twist that each event has. Things that are important and meaningful to the couple. This could include table names reminiscing of their first date, or a picture table full of pictures of their courtship. These things can be “copied” but they are never the same. The feeling you get when you are there can never be done again. Find those things that are important to you, as a couple, and keep it a surprise for all of your guests… including your best friend. This doesn’t mean that someone who attends your wedding won’t steal it… but take it as a compliment and not an insult.


In the end, your wedding will be special because it is the day you join in marriage with your best friend. Don’t let the details of planning such a special occasion ruin the enjoyment you should feel. Plus, a planner can always help you with new, creative and unique ways to make your event special and one-of-a-kind!


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