Just Say “NO” to Unwanted Wedding Guests

8 Sep

Tough situations arise while planning a wedding. One of the most common is being asked if one of your invited guests can bring a guest. This situation gets tricky because more than likely you have never met this person (or you would have included them) or the request is being made by someone you aren’t close to (or you would have included an “& Guest” to the invitation.) For example, your third cousin asks you if she can bring her boyfriend-of-the-month to your $150-a-plate wedding reception. What do you say?  


It’s important to be honest and thoughtful at the same time. A good response, according to Real Simple Weddings, would be: “We’ve already had to make so many tough decisions to get the guest list down to size. We really can’t squeeze in or afford another guest. But I would love to have you two over for drinks sometime so I can meet him.”


This answer works because it allows you to illuminate some of the behind-the-scenes planning; your cousin may get a clue about the inappropriateness of the request. It’s your party and your pocketbook so it is important that you make these tough decisions or you will regret it later.


To avoid this situation in the future, you should make a few calls before you put together the guest list to see if there are new additions you should consider as you plan.


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