Congrats to All the Newly Engaged!

5 Jan

If your Santa brought you an extra-special engagement ring … congratulations! The holidays are a popular time of year to propose, so I imagine that many of you are having trouble taking your eyes off of your left hand right now. But if you can *bear* to look away, today is a great day to get a jump start on wedding planning. Start off by reading the First 10 Steps for a Newly Engaged Couple.

If that left hand is just too sparkly or your new (gasp!) fiance is too dreamy to take your eyes away for even a few minutes, that’s okay too. After all, an important task on your wedding checklist is to enjoy being engaged!


One Response to “Congrats to All the Newly Engaged!”

  1. Shakespeare'sGF February 7, 2010 at 2:57 am #

    Thanks for the handy list! I’m telling all the bloggers I come across about this awesome contest being sponsored by Crate and Barrel that some of your brides might want to enter for fun. We posted our story and are crossing our fingers that we win our dream wedding.

    Check it out at:


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