Triad Bridal Association’s Wedding Show: February 6, 2010

8 Feb

We were not so sure on Friday morning if the Greensboro Wedding Show (Scheduled for Saturday) was going to be a success. As we hauled in crates to the Greensboro Coliseum, in the freezing rain, we were hoping and praying that the weather would clear up and all of the brides and grooms who had planned to attend could arrive safe & dry! As planners, we plan, plan, plan …. for everything, except the weather!

Kristin and I spent the majority of the day on Friday creating our booth, and bringing the ideas we scratched onto paper months ago to life. Our ‘concept’ was to do something different, but stay who we are. We have found that since our launch over a year ago, more and more booths are popping up that look strangely similar to ours. We’re flattered & feel a drive to always do something more. So, sticking with our company colors of pink and black, we designed a booth that made you want to party!! With gorgeous linens, a truly unique floor, awesome up-lighting, Famous Oprah beads, and detailed touches…. We stayed true to our style. We did every detail ourselves, including the centerpiece. We didn’t do anything too ‘trendy’ or aloof, and the response we got from brides and vendors a like let us know that we made the right choices!

Special thanks to David Phelps, BBJ Linens, Keith and Kenneth from K2 Productions and Kristina from Dreamcatcher Images.


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