Walk on Air!

2 Apr

Are you familiar with what I like to call the “Bridesmaids survival kit”?

As many-a-bridesmaid can attest, there comes a certain amount of “stuff” that must be packed for the big day! Everything from bottled water and snacks to makeup and hairspray. Most of these items are for pre-ceremony purposes, so the big bag can be stashed somewhere for the reception. One of the essential items that must be packed for the reception is the famous pair of flip-flops!

After walking down the aisle, posing for pictures and dancing, your feet can be in an awful lot of pain when you’re wearing heels. By the time you finally make it into the reception, you realize that you can’t take one more step… but you have to be the good friend and participate in the party and bouquet toss.

Sometimes the only thing to do is wear ugly old flip flops or go barefoot, right? WRONG! Fit in Clouds invented some ingenious shoes that are not only fancy, but at the size of an iPhone, they can literally fit in the smallest of handbags. They’re also machine washable–score!

The white “Wedding After Party” flats are a popular seller at $18.95, but I’m also really into the silver sequin flats at $24.95.Anyone would gladly take off their uncomfortable heels for a chance to enjoy the party!


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