Southern Charm Alert!

25 Jun

We are from the South, a place we are proud to call home for many reasons; sweet tea, magnolia trees, “Y’all” and “Yes Maam!” being just a few. There is a new Trend in southern weddings that we just love and I think it is a unique and awesome tribute to everything below the Mason-Dixon Line! It may not be so popular with all those Yankees (a term I use with endearment) up north, but it is flourishing down here … Cotton Boutonnieres!

In Southern history, cotton was a very important crop to southern survival.  After tobacco, it is the crop that created all that fine Southern money and aristocracy. So I find it no surprise that couples are now using this heritage and incorporating it into their weddings.

So, if you have a venue that would help you incorporate your southern roots, don’t be afraid to fix up some sweet tea and bring on the cotton!


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