Black is the New White?

26 Jun

What woman doesn’t just love to wear black? Seriously, every savvy woman has one, or several, LBDs (little black dress) hanging in her closet for the perfect occasion! Black is slimming, it feels good and it is totally dramatic without screaming “look! look! look!” For a wedding day, it is totally against tradition, but who started all of these traditions anyway?  Black looks good on everyone, especially if you’re like me: pale and blond. So, since it works so well, most of my closet is black… people probley think I am in mourning all the time, but hey … when I find something I like, I stick to it!

If you’re like me and love to wear black, why not go against the grain to form a new trend? The idea of an AMAZING black wedding dress sounds hot to me! Guaranteed, it would be a show-stopper…. But before you go purchasing a black wedding gown, a few things to think about:

  1. Would your future husband approve of you not wearing white? Some guys are pretty particular about such things, even though they pretend to be disinterested.
  2. Would your family care? If you care about what your family thinks then you should run it by them, if you don’t care what they think…. GO FOR IT!
  3. Would you regret not wearing a white dress?
  4. Does it go with the theme of your wedding?

If you’re the right girl and are planning the right wedding, you can definitely pull it off! Throw away tradition, do what you want to do and throw what is going to make you and your spouse happy!


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