End with a BANG!

15 Aug

Our Top 10 Creative Ways to Make a Grand Exit From Your Wedding

Want to leave your guests with something to talk about? Whether you’re departing from the ceremony or reception, we’ve got creative ways to go out with a bang. We are offering something new and different than the bubbles or birdseed. As always, we encourage you to be creative and do your own creative departures and share them with us!

1. Flower Power

It’s timeless. The beautiful and classic ceremony exit never goes out of style. Simply buy or make simple paper cones and fill them with rose petals, or any other kind of petal you like. Then simply leave them hanging at the end of each aisle or assign someone to quickly hand them out as guests exit the church. Makes for a beautiful picture!

2. Go For a Ride

This bicycle may not be built for two — but that didn’t stop this couple from riding off into the sunset (the bride sat on the handle bars!) We just love the “Just Married” basket at the front of the bike and the fun tin cans added to the back.

Photo: Meghan and Matthew’s Wedding, Hillary Maybery Photography

3. Be a Kid Again!

Kristen and Aaron provided guests with brightly colored paper airplanes and fun pinwheels for their exit. Not only did guest have so much fun, but it was a great photo opportunity! Just make sure you don’t take a plane to the eye…. those ends can be sharp!

Photo: Swank Photo Studios

4. Take Cover

Rain or shine, colorful umbrellas can make for a great photo op. This couple handed them out to the bridal party to form an arch as they left the ceremony. They look great in brightly colored hues!

Photo: Jessica and Doug’s Wedding, Leslie Gilbert Photography

5. Take a Ride

Be creative! If your departing a seaside wedding, consider bright red scooters. Perhaps you want to take off with your bad boy on a motorcycle! Leaving a country club? Why not deck out a golf cart? Anything is possible!

6. Light the Way

Sparklers look great in photos and your guests will have fun holding them for you while you two run under the arch. Tip: Just make sure to order the special extra-long, sparklers to give your planners plenty of time to light them all!

7. Row Your Boat

Leaving your reception by boat can be romantic! If you can, why not leave your ceremony or reception by water, either by climbing into a row boat or hopping into a larger boat or yacht.

Photo: Dreamcatcher Images

8. Go Vintage

An old-fashioned car like this one will not only help you exit your ceremony, but you’ll get plenty of attention during your drive to the reception. Old cars are a great way to come and go in style — just make sure you have an alternative rain plan if the car has an open roof.

Photo: Sewell Photography

9. Hop a Ride

Think San Francisco is the only place you can hop a trolley? Think again. There are plenty of places around the country where you can rent a trolley, like uptown Charlotte or downtown Raleigh, for the day to cart you and your entire bridal party around. The “Just Married” logo at the back adds an extra cute touch.

Photo: Brooke Mayo Photography

10. Make a Splash

If you’re a fun-loving, go for the shock factor, kind of couple… perhaps you should consider doing something “spontaneous” at the end of your affair!  This bride and groom led the way by taking a quick dip in the ocean before leaving. Perhaps you can “Take the jump”…. into the pool that is! Make sure your photographer is ready… and you will have awesome “trash the dress” photos.

Photo: Brooke Mayo Photography


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