Avoid Wedding Insanity

1 Sep

Are you a stressed-out, site-seeing, menu-sampling couple? Don’t be a “Bride on the Brink”! Clear your schedules and forget about picking the favors-the following list of eight stress-breaking activities will help you remove yourselves from nuptial hassles and restore your sanity. Even if you’re not loosing your mind, or even engaged… these are fun ideas that will help to keep things fresh! Enjoy!

1. Wedding-free weekend. Pretend you’re the two people you were before you got engaged. No wedding planning or fighting allowed! No talk of hors d’oeuvres, seating charts, or first dance songs. Hang out, laugh, have fun, and flirt with each other for a change…. And be reminded of why you wanted to get married to each other in the first place!

2. Night out with the girls. Planning a wedding requires a lot of lovey dovey togetherness … and it is important to keep your individuality too! Plan a night out with your posse to hit the town and stay out past midnight! Take advantage of the fact that your future spouse isn’t around to do something with your friends he doesn’t like to do — we’re talking chick flick, manicures, wine. Then entertain each other the next day with tales of your exploits.

3. Fancy swanky date. We know you’ve been scrimping and saving everything extra to add to the budget. Why not reward yourselves with a romantic date! I know I like it when I have the opportunity to dress up for my man when he books a table at the fanciest restaurant in town to enjoy each other’s company! Order some wine, share an appetizer, entree, dessert, and after-dinner drinks. Afterward, do something new like a local jazz club or a live comedy show.

4. Take a drive. Reserve a weekend afternoon and head for the open road. Check out that little place a couple of towns over that you always mean to visit. Play road games like, Who Can Spot the Most Out-of-State License Plates? Sing along to cheesy songs on the radio. Buy a souvenir at a highway truck stop. Stumble upon a romantic restaurant for lunch or dinner before heading home. It’s amazing the talks that can develop from afternoons like this!

5. Organize a movie marathon. There’s nothing like a good movie to transport you from reality to fantasy. Turn your phone on silent, rent a whole slew of films, and spend an evening in, sipping on wine, snacking on popcorn and snuggling on the couch. Stay away from wedding-theme fare – including Father of the Bride and The Wedding Date. Keep the romance themes going with a steamy story like The Lover. If you really want to relax, opt for a comic relief of a Jim Carrey or Eddie Murphy flick — laughter, after all, is still the best stress reliever.

6. Play games. I love competition! I think that in the right doses, with just a dash of gloating, can serve to make you closer, right? Challenge your mate to a night of games: Pictionary, Scrabble, Monopoly or WAR. If you own a gaming system, like a Wii or PlayStation, pick up a game from your childhood, like Mario Brothers or Sonic, and get your game on! Want to venture out? Head for the nearest bowling alley — or look into go-carts, billiards or even ice-skating! You can even head to your favorite sports bar to grab a drink and play good ole’ arcade games!

7. Feel like a kid again! Visit an amusement park, or local fair, to get you feeling like a kid again. Get your fill of roller coasters, log flumes, and Ferris wheels! Challenge your future mate to a bumper car race. Share a cotton candy or funnel cake. Dress up for an old-fashioned photo and have your honey win you a supersize stuffed animal to take home as a memento.

8. Add heat to the kitchen! Have a love of cooking? Food and love go hand in hand! Why not compose a special theme menu for a romantic date at home? Go shopping together to pick the freshest produce (farmer’s markets are fun) — and include some aphrodisiac ingredients like chocolate! Grab a fresh bouquet and some candles to pretty up your table while you’re at it. Once at home, take time to really enjoy the process. Enjoy the smell of all the ingredients, open some wine, turn on some tunes and enjoy each other’s company as you slice and dice. Create signature dishes together to enjoy!

Be creative and find things that de-stress you! Whether it is dancing in the rain with your sweetheart, or playing in the fall leaves … take a step back to enjoy your engagement and fall in love over and over again!


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