“I don’t need a planner, there is one at my reception site”

13 Sep

Bo's PhotographyWhy would you need Merrymaking Events if there is an event coordinator on staff at your church or reception location? Because we work for you.

When there is a coordinator at a church or venue, their job is to represent the location and ensure that the event follows their rules and regulations. They make sure their staff is doing what it is supposed to be doing and that the contract you signed with them is being met. They are in charge of their venue space, the setup and the cleanup. Some venues offer a staff to setup your ceremony and reception site, some only offer the space itself, and you have to coordinate your rentals, your setup and your cleanup.

Some venues are beautiful, but are far from planners. We have heard it all, parents of the bride stacking chairs and tables in their formal wear because that is a service that the location doesn’t provide, the coordinator from the venue that works day hours and turns your event over to another manager (whom you have never met) for the night of your event.

Ashley and I both started in some of Greensboro’s most elegant venues. Don’t get me wrong, this is not to insult the venue coordinators. They just have different responsibilities for your event and if you’re clear on what they will do for you and what your wedding planner will do for you, it will help you in the planning process. Some venues have AMAZING, top-notch coordinators that go above and beyond for their clients…making our job easier and the entire event even more fabulous. But even with a phenomenal person on your side at the location, they still “own” only a small portion of your event.

Bo's Photography

Bo’s Photography

Our job is to handle the entire event, from start to finish, no matter the location… and we represent you! We are by your side through it all.  What

you desire for your day is our top priority. We handle family dynamics, the flow of the event, issues as they arise, and we are always looking out for your best interest.

We work with church and reception coordinators to make certain that the entire event runs as smoothly as possible, for the couple, their families and friends …. as well as the team of vendors and their staff. When you have a great coordinator at your church and your reception site along with Merrymaking Events, you have an A+ TEAM to run your wedding!


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