Fabulously French Bridal Shower

25 Oct

We can do more than weddings. We can also do bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, proposals, surprise engagement celebrations and much more! I wanted to dig in the archives a bit to pull our some photos of my own bachelorette night, where my sister threw me a “Fabulously French Party”.

For anyone who knows me, will also know that the one place I have always wanted to explore was Paris. I want to eat banquettes and visit the Louvre. I was kind of obsessed with it for a while in college! Well, Kristin has been to Paris… and likes to mention it everytime it comes up. But, for my bachelorette night, Kristin surprised me with a French party that I will remember forever!

We were to meet at Green Valley Grill for dinner. As I walked in and told them my name, they stared at me and told me our reservation had been canceled! Yum, what? She then handed me an envelope than contained a room key to a hotel room in the adjacent O’Henry Hotel. I continued through the lobby and into the elevator to go up to the top floor. At the door to the hotel room, I heard French music and smelled fresh-cooked brie! As I walked in, I was totally floored by the massive, and gorgeous, hotel suite! The largest in the entire hotel, and I got to hang there all evening with my best friends!

Check out the photos from the setup we enjoyed with some fresh Champaign! Yum-O.

I had a blast! Like I said, we can do more than weddings!


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