DIY: Centerpieces on a Dime

18 Nov

Are you a Do-It-Yourself bride? Do you want to get crafty with the details of your wedding to create an event that is truly unique? Creating your own centerpieces can seem like a daunting task… but it’s a fun way to get “hands on” with your big day to make it your own. (Tip: Always start with a “Test” and see how you like it before you create a dozen of them!)

Want to create an elegant & glamorous arrangement or a fun & whimsy tablescape?  With my helpful hints, you can have some fun, make it personal and have more funds to spend on other aspects of your big day …. Like “the dress”.

Remember that size matters when you are talking about a centerpiece. You must think about the size of the room, the height of the ceilings and the proportion to the rest of the table. Try not to create a centerpiece that is obnoxious or overpowering to the other elements on the table. When thinking about the entire table setting, everything should compliment each other in size, color and shape.


What is your budget for your centerpieces? You must first know what you have to spend so you can plan how elaborate you want to go or what resources you want to look into. Always look at things with a fresh perspective to see what it could be. Perhaps your old fence pieces could be cut, attached and painted to make wooden flower boxes or some old paint in the garage could be used.


Are you a natural when it comes to thinking “outside the box” or does the thought of being crafty scare you? Realize the kind of bride you are and if needed, invite those creative soles in your life to help out. They will be more than thrilled to make your day special.

It all starts with a theme!

The first step in creating a unique and memorable event is to start with a theme. It could be a season, a color, an idea or even a place! Once you have a theme, it’s easy to plan a cohesive & well thought-out event for your guest! Incorporate your theme into the centerpieces. For example, if you are getting married at an aquarium, you may like the idea of a big round pedestal bowl with beautiful shells and goldfish swimming around. A winter bride could use beautiful glass ornaments to fill a glass vase surrounded by flickering candlelight. Wildflowers in different jars for a countryside wedding or pumpkins and wheat for a fall affair….. there are endless possibilities so it’s time to get creative!

Make it personal

Want to incorporate something about your relationship into the centerpieces? Think about how to incorporate pictures into your décor. I once had a couple who liked to travel. In their 5-year relationship, they had traveled to dozens of places. They included velum photos into their candleholders on each table and named the tables after their favorite travel destinations.  It was an easy and fun way to connect and share with their guest.

Go Natural!

Some of the most beautiful things in life are those found in nature. A group of pinecones or a basket full of apples. Bring some nature into your reception with natural beauty.


I love using fresh fruit in a centerpiece! The colors and aroma bring alive your guests senses for a fun and interesting evening. Fill a large, clear bowl with one type of fruit (lemons, limes or oranges work best) and coordinate your place settings with the same color. You can also incorporate the same fruit at each place setting with a ribbon and name card  attached. To make it more interesting, get a tall vase and fill with ¼” slices of the citrus and fill with water.

Winter Wonderland

Why not use pine cones, acorns, branches or evergreen for your affair? Add some sparkle with some spray glitter or spray paint them with a lacquer white for a more contemporary  winter feel.

It’s Fall Y’all

Fall gives you so many natural options to choose from! Pumpkins, apples, haystacks, acorns, leaves and so much more. You can paint the pumpkins any color you want, carve your initials or the wedding date and arrange different sizes for a festive and unique affair. Use a hallowed out pumpkin as your vase for fresh flowers or to hold a beautiful candle! Read our blog post for more autumn table setting ideas!

Elegant & Fresh Flowers

Although fresh flowers are a bit more expensive, a lot of your local specialty grocery stores will allow you to place an order through them to save money without having to order through a florist! You can also order fresh flowers online at reasonable prices!

Fresh flowers come in every color, texture and size to fit your style and with so many different ways to display them, there are oodles of options…. so have fun with it!  Wildflowers gathered in Ball jars or ceramic pitchers can be perfect for a relaxed afternoon event. For something more elegant, fill glass vases of different sizes with roses and surround with candles. A grouping of odd number vases at different heights can be filled with coordinating flowers or a flower and candle combo. Each table can be different, yet the same! Get creative and do something that you adore.


Remember the most important guideline for creating your centerpieces….. try something different and have fun! Don’t be afraid to do something different that will make your reception truly special and unique. Plus, they will make beautiful giveaways at the end of the night for your closest family members and friends!


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