Everything that Sparkles

10 Dec

The last month of the year is the most popular month for engagements, accounting for about 1 in every 5 proposals! In honor of so many engagements this month, I decided to share some of the most famous engagement rings in history. Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend….and even if the marriages don’t last, these rings have gone down in history. Enjoy!


Princess Diana’s Ring is now famous again with the 18 carat oval blue sapphire engagement ring surrounded by 14 diamonds on Kate Middleton’s finger. Diana was given her choice of rings by Garrard Jewelers, and bucking royal tradition, chose a ring that was not a one-of-a-kind creation. Diana’s legendary ring was a piece featured in the upscale jewelers catalog for $65,000 and available to anyone who could afford it.

Diana’s ring was actually in Prince Harry’s possession until he gave it to his brother for the proposal…

Speaking of Princesses, Grace Kelly become royalty after her marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco with a 12 carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring.

Jackie Bouvier was presented with a ring featuring a 2.88 carat square cut diamond and 2.84 carat emerald with tapered baguettes by Van Cleef & Arpels from John F. Kennedy in June of 1953. As with most everything Jackie Kennedy did, this media darling set a trend, making emeralds a popular choice during the 1950s for engagement rings.

3.5 carat ring with 21 additional diamonds given by Elvis Presley to Priscilla.


Elizabeth Taylor is famous for her numerous engagement rings, all of them being more than double-digits in size! Richard Burton gave Taylor two engagement ring (they were engaged twice), In 1968  The Krupp Diamond, a 33.19ct Asscher Cut flanked with Tapered Diamonds.

The other was a 69.42 carat pear-shaped diamond ring that was so large she had to have Cartier make a necklace with it so she could wear it.




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