Ring in the New Year as a “Mrs.”

1 Jan

I look at a new year as a new beginning. A time to start over, try harder, make changes to those things in your life that you’re unhappy with. (It’s no secret that January is the most popular month for new gym memberships!)  It’s a renewed sense of optimism that “this year is going to be a good year!”  I love the idea of reminiscing with old acquaintances and letting go of the days gone by. It’s a time to celebrate another year and allows you to reflect on how far you’ve come…… and the kissing at midnight ain’t too shabby either!

For all of these reasons and more, I am a promoter of New Year’s Eve weddings! What a joyous and fun night to celebrate not only a new year, but a new beginning for the wedded bliss of a new family.

Start your reception later, like 8pm, and offer an array of heavy hor’devours and party food to snack on as well as a fully stocked bar… and don’t forget the Champaign! A nice touch is to offer something special right after the ball drop, as a “Midnight Snack”… perhaps Krispy Kreme doughnuts with Milk or a tray full of Krystal burgers?

The pros include being able to celebrate a wonderful holiday with those you love. People are already on holiday from work and don’t have to worry about getting up early the next day! It will be hard to find vendors available, unless you start planning early!

Colors? That’s easy- stick with the traditional black and white affair with touches of silver! It makes for a classy theme that easy to do! Use red roses to really make them POP!

Attire? Why not go for a classic black tie affair that allows all of your guests to ring in the New Year in style?! Haven’t you always wanted to wear a gorgeous gown to a Rockin’ New Years Party? As for your girls, why not pick a stunning black gown or even a gun smoke silver? Don’t be afraid to go for glam!

For your dress, go big! Wear a flowing white dress with some sparkle to really make you shine!

Decorate with party hats, noise makers, confetti, balloons, glitter and everything you need for a glamorous and beautiful New Year Wedding. Make sure that you include a big TV for the ball drop or a large clock for the countdown!

New Year’s Eve is an evening to be glam and celebrate your wedded love in style! It’s a date to be picked by only the most fun of couples who enjoy celebrating and want a night no know will forget!

In case any of you happy brides is wondering, Merrymaking Events has December 31, 2011 wide open! Happy Planning!


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