The Perfect Proposal … It Can Happen.

9 Feb

With Valentine’s Day upon us I have been getting in the romantic mood around here …. and I wanted to post a Valentine’s Day Proposal package for the men out there that plan on proposing on the most romantic day of the year.

According to a recent survey, 26% of brides admitted that they weren’t blown away by their marriage proposals! They sited the reasons as not being romantic, original or personal enough or in some cases, it was too over the top. The study, which is a joint venture between leading men’s magazine, Men’s Health and wedding website The Knot, polled some 3,000 couples.

This study makes me sad because I know just how important this moment is. It’s a single moment that will change EVERYTHING! Inevitability,  it’s a story that will be told over and over. To families, friends, children and grandchildren. It’s the moment that you begin your life and your journey.

The study showed that 76% of men planned the proposal themselves. I’m sure each proposal is sweet in their own way, but don’t you want to make it the most special and spectacular moment of your loved one’s life? It’s the one day to be romantic and totally sweep her off her feet!

Merrymaking Events can help you with your proposal. With our Perfect Proposal package, we can coordinate and bring your dream proposal to life! We get to know your relationship and help you to dream up the original proposal that will blow her away! Give us a call for more information! 336-207-0041.

Do you need help from experienced event coordinators to bring your dream proposal to life?

  • We provide recommended venues and vendors based on needs of the proposal (restaurants with views, musicians, photographer, etc)
  • Negotiate rates with vendors
  • Book services and/or make reservations
  • Budget preparation
  • Day-of coordination available
  • 100% discreet

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