Decorate Your Event, and Your Life, With Beautifully Patterned Tape

23 Jul

Japanese Washi TapeHave you heard of the newest craze, Washi tape?

It is one of those great imported ideas from Japan and comes from washi paper, which is a thin, semi transparent patterned paper. When transformed into a fun decorative tape, the possibilities are endless! Tape isn’t for just wrapping gifts and tacking photos up anymore.

Washi tape is super hot all over paper crafts, especially cards. But, it can also be quite interesting forJapanese Washi Tape use in weddings. Think about how easy it would be to use a patterned tape throughout your entire event…. from taping your invitation envelopes shut, to wrapping a band around the top of your official invite. The same could be done to your menus, or along the bottom or top (or both) of escort cards to tie together the suite.  I love having it along the spine of the ceremony program, and even wrapped around the handle of the flower girl’s basket!Washi Tape Flags

Find a pattern that you love, in a color that goes with your event and use it all over! Also, don’t be afraid to use more than one pattern or color!


Some Washi Tape sites that I love:

Cute Tape
Pretty Tape
{on etsy}
Happy Tape


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  1. jane October 1, 2011 at 9:28 pm #

    you can get washi tape at too

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