Addressing Your Invitations

1 Aug

Wedding InviteLet’s face it, times are tough and hiring a professional calligrapher to address wedding invitations is usually on the “cut list” these days. What is a reasonable solution without running the envelopes through your home printer? Address them yourself! You don’t have to be an expert in calligraphy to do some fancy addressing!  Just buy a pen that you enjoy writing with and follow these two simple etiquette tips:

1. Put your return address on the back of the envelope. Return addresses are on the front upper-left corner when writing a business letter, but if you’re writing a personal letter or invitation, you should put your return address centered on the back of the envelope. You could also invest in a personalized stamp, like this one, to use for the back of your invitations.

2. Write out the full addresses. Don’t abbreviate “St.” or “Ave.”, don’t abbreviate states (e.g., CA or NY), and don’t write “&” between two people’s names. Write out the full words each time.  Even “Post Office Box” should be written out.


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