Ferris Wheels, Carnival Games, Fried Food and Romance?!

5 Oct

Who doesn’t enjoy a Fair? Recently, the Dixie Classic Fair came to Winston-Salem… and I was with the droves of people that made my way to the ferris wheel, pig races… and this year… the fried Oreos.

The cooler weather in North Carolina brings with it the joy of many county and state fairs… and the opportunity for a very creative photo shoot!

That’s right, a photo shoot! As one that likes something out of the ordinary, I am drawn to the colors, the unique looks and even the tacky giant stuffed animals. It all makes for some interesting shots that offer more that a pretty park setting.

 I found this photo session on the Nichols Blog that is super cute… and this one from Indigo Photography in Charlotte. If you’re like me and want something different that will offer personality and “spunk” to your photos…. Why not try a FAIR PHOTO SHOOT?!


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