New Trend: All-Inclusive Weddings

23 May

(C) ASHLEY BROOKE PHOTOGRAPHYIt seems everywhere I look these days there are wedding vendors that are “branching out” to include more and more talents….DJ’s that offer wedding planning, Photographers whose wife can do flowers and so on. Do they do this because they are truly talented in many areas or are times tough and they need a larger chunk of your budget? The idea for this blog came when I just saw a print ad for a venue that offers the following: Location, Flowers, Photography, Cake, DJ, Food and Décor.

All-inclusive weddings have their pro side. They are easy. With one choice, you select all of your wedding vendors and write one check… leaving you to fuss over the optional details of your day. It could make it less stressful for the busy or overwhelmed bride who doesn’t want to hassle with the details.

They come with a lot more cons in my book. With one choice, you select all of your wedding vendors, with no assurances of their work. This is a con because you should choose the vendors that are best for you. If you want a wedding that is unique, original and “you”, then you need to choose the vendors that will give you what you’re looking for. Otherwise, your wedding will be just like every other cookie-cutter wedding… and how very vanilla!

You can’t be a master in all things weddings. I believe that you need to follow your skills and your heart. Usually, that can’t be everything. For the vendor that offers flowers, photography, food and more…. How can they possibly be THE BEST in all those areas? I suggest to my clients to find the best photographer, the best florist and so on. When they put together their “Dream Team”, their vision comes to life in a magical and special way… creating a one-of-a-kind event that guests remember for a long time.

You have no control. You are left to cross your fingers and hope that the vendors booked have what you want, offer the service you deserve and will deliver when it comes to your big day – you’re left with no guarantees. If you really want to be involved in planning your big day, all-inclusive weddings are not the way to go.

As I was writing this blog, it occurred to me that Wedding Planners essentially offer this same service to their clients, but with A LOT more choices and much more exclusivity! Finding the right planner will take the stress off of you!

  • They recommend quality and trusted vendors that fit your style and your needs.
  • You get to decide who the best vendors are for your wedding without any of the research!
  • You pick the services you want, and your planner will make sure it happens.
  • Custom creative designs and décor to make your event not only spectacular, but also original.
  • Your planner will keep you within budget and on-track.

So, if you like the ease that an all-inclusive wedding will bring, but want something unique and original…. hire a wedding planner who shares your vision, we promise it’ll be the single best decision you make!


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