Style Your Engagement Shoot Like A Pro

4 Jul

I was happy to be asked to write an article for July’s Forsyth Woman Engaged! It’s published on page 16. Pick up your copy today for lots more of great information!

Style Your Engagement Shoot Like A Pro
By: Kat Mendenhall, Merrymaking Events

Engagement photo shoots are a wonderful way to commemorate your engagement and capture some stunning photos. To design unique photos, a couple should include elements that showcase who they are, what they love and how they came to be. Here are some tips for a beautiful and easily styled engagement shoot.

  1. Be a little unconventional. Think outside the box while selecting the perfect locations, outfits and props.
  2. Understand your style and personality as a couple. Incorporate things, places or colors that mean something to you as a couple. Did you meet at a bookstore? Return there for some unique shots.
  3. Use what’s available. If the carnival is in town, it could be the ideal setting for capturing the fun side of your relationship. Ferris wheel rides, sharing cotton candy and all those lights and textures!
  4. Pick a couple different locations & outfits. A downtown train yard makes for some cool urban shots and a park setting would be perfect for a romantic picnic, do both. (With different outfits and props, of course.)
  5. Use props to showcase your personality. Show what you love. If you love to go for bike rides, why not rent some classic bike cruisers and style your shoot around them?
  6. Wear something you feel amazing in. As a general rule, solid colors appear better on film and are more flattering as stripes and patterns draw attention away from your face.  Pick something you LOVE and make sure it fits the setting!
  7. Most importantly, remember not to take it too seriously. It is all about having fun and capturing the love you have on film.

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