What Are Your Magical Moments?

4 Sep

Life is full of what I call, “Magical Moments”. It is the big moments, like your wedding day and the day you have your child. But it’s also a bunch of small moments that make up your story, like finding out your pregnant, buying your first house, cooking your first Thanksgiving Turkey (or burning it, like I did!), or picking out a Christmas tree. It’s those disastrous family vacations, or the flat tire that you had that you will look back on and laugh!  I, myself, have more of those disastrous moments and I look back on them and often say, “Gosh, I wish I had thought about capturing that time on film!”

Kids grow so very fast, and my little one is about to turn one next week! I can’t believe how big Matthew is and how he keeps growing. I must admit, I have cried a few times thinking about how my BABY is talking and trying to walk and being a big boy! It seems life is moving too fast and he will be driving and dating before I know it. I never knew how hard it would be to watch your little one crawl for the first time, take his first steps, hold his own bottle or say Mama. It brings me so much joy and I will remember those little moments for the rest of my life.

To CELEBRATE his first adventurous, curious, exciting and busy first year… I wanted to get a GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER and capture his young spirit as it is now. So, I called a photographer who does beautiful work and captures the child’s smiles and heart. Megan, who owns M. Gioeli Photography, (She’s on Facebook too!) met up with us last week for Matthew’s “SMASH CAKE” session and got these beautiful photos.

I can’t say enough about Megan. She is so fun, and easy, to work with. I had the photos that night (AMAZINGLY FAST!) and a disk in the mail 2 days later. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that she captured the looks that I see from Matthew every day and I will be forever grateful for the photos she captured of my loves.

If you are looking to hire a photographer for your big moments or your little moments, check out M. Gioeli Photographer and get Megan to help you!

Thank you to Julie at Simply Scrumptious for the adorable and very yummy cake!


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