How Come Linens Are So Confusing?

30 Sep

Courtney Dox PhotographyI hate when brides spend so much time thinking about the details of their wedding… and forget to do something with linens on the tables. It is such a small investment for such a big impression on your event.

What I hate even more is when short linens are used and all you seem to see are the ugly metal table legs. But, anyone who has looked at linens knows how utterly confusing it is to try to figure out the size linen you need for a 32″, 60″ or 72″. I thought I would make it easy for you to find the perfect size linen for your table. Note that the sizing I give allows the linen to touch the ground and hide those ugly table legs.

Here goes:

  • 60″ round table {8ppl} – 120″ round
  • 72″ round table {10ppl} – 132″ round
  • 6 foot rectangular table – 90″x132″
  • 8 foot rectangular table – 90″x156″
  • 4 person low top or cafe table – 96″ round
  • high top or high boy (also known as a cocktail table) – 120″ round to touch the ground or 132″ round to puddle {if you want a chair tie around the middle of the table, rent a 132″ round}

Good luck picking those linens out. Remember, go bold!


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