The 6 Traits to Look For in Your Wedding Planner

29 Mar
Swank Photography

Swank Photo Studio, Raleigh

Okay, so you have decided that you will definitely need a wedding planner to help you with the process of planning your big day. You know that you are going to need someone there to handle the kinks and coordinate all of the logistics. Now you just have to find the right wedding planner for you. It’s kind of like picking the right sorority, you have to find the perfect group of girls who share your vision, your goals and your likes. To help you find the perfect planner for you, here are the 6 key traits to look for.

1. CONFIDENCE       

It is a big day and it is an honor when someone puts their trust in me. I know just how important this day is and work very hard to make sure it is perfect, as if it were my own wedding.  With experience and know how, comes confidence. If you get the feeling that a planner is a little overconfident, she probably is, and that could be something to watch out for because they will have a hard time asking others for help. In this business, a planner’s job is to bring all the details, and people together for a successful event.


2&3 Photography

2&3 Photography

This is a no-brainer, but true creativity is very hard to find. For a truly spectacular event, find a planner who can not only coordinate all of your concepts, but also offer ideas to enhance and make them your own! The perfect planner offers a little left-side of the brain analytics for the logistics and details and a whole lot of right-side of the brain creativity for improvising and uniqueness.

3. PASSIONATE       

Why would anyone be in the wedding industry if they weren’t passionate about it? It’s enough to drive anyone insane. But, when you love it… there isn’t any other option. The reason I get up in the morning, write blogs about wedding stuff, have subscriptions to all the wedding magazines and keep a smile on my face after a 14-hour day is that I was born to do this. When hiring your wedding planner, make sure you find someone who is passionate about it and that love and passion will shine through to your day.

(C)  Glessner Photography

(C) Glessner Photography

4. PERSONABLE          

A good personality will go a long way. It’s an emotionally charged event, and when emotions run high, there tends to be a need for a calming presence to help everyone enjoy the event and get things done. This is your wedding planners job and it helps if they have the persona to get what they want. My momma always said, “You get more bees with honey than with vinegar” and that is always in the back of my mind when working with others. Make sure you hire a planner who can get things done for you, while keeping a positive and likeable disposition.

5. EXPERIENCED         

Wedding planning is a job that can be born over night, in most cases. There are those out there that print up some business cards and call themselves a wedding planner. These are not the ones you want to entrust your big day to! It’s a fine line because you want someone young and energized, but with the experience to give you professional guidance. Ask how they got started and how long they have been doing it professionally. Be sure to get references…. and then check them! Ask other respected vendors for referrals.  Look for a planner with at least 5 years of weddings because they have withstood the test of time.


By hiring a planner who’s well respected in the industry, and that has strong relationships with other wedding professionals in the area – you’re essentially securing peace of mind that (1) all of the “behind-the-scenes” detai

ls are being handled on your behalf; (2) your team has been put together based on your needs; and (3) you’ll truly be able to enjoy and remember your wedding day! Be a guest at your own wedding.

Glessner Photography

Glessner Photography

The most important thing to remember is that you must go with the planner that fits for you. If you get along well with them, and you trust them, then go with your gut feeling (given that their references all check out!). Best of luck and happy planning!



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