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Can You Have a Flowerless Wedding?

14 Mar

When you think of a wedding, you probably think of wedding flowers. In most weddings, they are everywhere. In the girls’ hands, on the guys’ tux, in the centerpieces and as part of the ceremony. Sometimes, the bride even has a few in her hair.

Recently, I have had several requests for “Flowerless Weddings”. I know, I know … it sounds crazy. You’re probably thinking, “Kat, why would anyone want to omit the beautiful flowers at their wedding?!”

Maybe they’re allergic, trying to be Eco-friendly or they hate flowers. Perhaps it’s just not their style or they don’t want to spend money on something that will last a few days at most. Flowers can be one of the most expensive parts of your wedding.

Being the creative person that I am… I have found some beautiful alternatives to flowers for your special day. I bet the guests won’t even miss the beautiful flowers with these options!