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Courtney + Brice: High School Sweethearts

14 Apr

Courtney and Brice
October 5, 2013
Trinity, North Carolina

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0009 c&b 10.13 sm0012 c&b 10.13 smWe designed a wedding that would be casual, comfortable and welcoming… a true southern soiree for a couple raised in small town, Carolina. It was just what the couple wanted for their family and friends.

0634 c&b 10.13 smCourtney and Brice were true high school sweethearts. After 7 ½ years together, Courtney and Brice were standing at the alter to become husband and wife. As cute as they can be, Courtney teaches middle school art and Brice works for a family trucking business as well as serving in the Air National Guard.0060 c&b 10.13 sm

The ceremony sat on the large sprawling farmland of the Petty Family (Richard Petty, racing legend), now known as Adaumont Farm. As you drive through the large iron gates and over the stone bridge on the tree-lined road, it’s something out of a movie. You notice beautiful white fencing holding grazing horses, large trees that have been on the land for a long time and nothing but the North Carolina sky! The ceremony was on a lovely piece of this land that overlooks the beautiful lake and quant covered bridge, under the wooden pergola. As her mother walked the beautiful bride down the long grassy aisle, the sun gave her a stunning glow…. or perhaps she was just a blushing bride. Continue reading


There’s always room for …. CAKE!

20 Jan

CakeEver since I was young, I loved TV. I would flip through the TV channels at lighting speed trying to find a show that caught my attention! It never failed, that when I flipped past the Food Network Channel and the Wedding Cake Decorating Contest was on… I was totally enthralled by it! I always found it such an amazing art! There is a show that I now tune into, Amazing Wedding Cakes on WeTv. If your like me and you think this is an interesting art, then Let’s Eat Cake, is the fundraiser for you!On  Tuesday, February 17th, Let’s Eat Cake,  a cake decorating competition with all proceeds going to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, will take place at the Plaza Paramount Hotel in Gainesville, Fl.

Learn more about the fundraiser right here.

Kat Kestler
Owner & Consultant
Merrymaking Events