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Meredith + Owen {and Bradley too!}: Greensboro Wedding Planner

18 Nov

The first thing you notice about Meredith and Owen is the smiles. Both have such huge, joyful and beautiful smiles. They have the smiles that make you want to smile. The second thing you notice is the most handsome little redheaded boy that is floating by them everywhere they go. This is Bradley, their son, who also lost is first tooth right before the ceremony!

I can’t tell you how much joy filled this place on their day — when they made it official…. and the biggest smile was Bradley’s as his Mom and Dad now had the same last name.

I loved the bright and clean colors, with a pop of yellow and pink….. the simple touches, the personal details …. (And can I just say how much I am LOVING the bright PINK heels! These are my kinda girls.)

Owen and Meredith made it official at the Weir-Jordan House in Downtown Greensboro with some fabulous vendors! From a handmade arbor to a basket full of “dancing shoes” .. the details were taken care of and the bride and groom, along with their families and friends, could enjoy the merriment of the beautiful day.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day and best of luck to the Hobgood family, Party of Three!

Wedding Planner: Kat Mendenhall, Merrymaking Events
Photography: Melinda Jean Photography
Venue: Weir-Jordan House
Catering and Cake: Stacy at Savory Street Catering
DJ: John Haskins, Friendly Neightborhood DJ
Flowers: Mickey at Sedgefield Florist


John Austin and Tori : A NC Mountain Wedding

14 Apr

Roaring Gap ClubJohn Austin & Tori
Roaring Gap Club
Roaring Gap, NC

As I drove up to the Roaring Gap Club, I was awestruck by the beautiful stone building that reminded me of something straight out of Dirty Dancing. Sitting a top a mountain in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, the clubhouse was surrounded with panoramic views of the beautiful smokies. I was waiting for Jennifer Grey to come out the door any minute.

The Boat HouseThis was the perfect setting for John Austin and Tori to host their guests, who were traveling in from all over the world. The bride is from Raleigh, the couple now lives in Chicago, and the Groom’s grandmother is a member of this club. The location had everything the couple needed to enjoy their day. Cabins for guests to stay in, a beautiful patio for a quant bridal luncheon, and a beauty shop for the girls to primp in that is reminisce of the 1950s.Beauty Parlour Fun

Bridesmaids in NavyAs the bridesmaids’ put on their elegant navy dresses and gathered their bright yellow bouquets, the eclectic guests gathered on the lawn of the club, overlooking the valley. The ceremony was beautiful, complete with handwritten, personal vows.Bouquets from Amy Dunlap OriginalsCater-552

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The 6 Traits to Look For in Your Wedding Planner

29 Mar
Swank Photography

Swank Photo Studio, Raleigh

Okay, so you have decided that you will definitely need a wedding planner to help you with the process of planning your big day. You know that you are going to need someone there to handle the kinks and coordinate all of the logistics. Now you just have to find the right wedding planner for you. It’s kind of like picking the right sorority, you have to find the perfect group of girls who share your vision, your goals and your likes. To help you find the perfect planner for you, here are the 6 key traits to look for.

1. CONFIDENCE       

It is a big day and it is an honor when someone puts their trust in me. I know just how important this day is and work very hard to make sure it is perfect, as if it were my own wedding.  With experience and know how, comes confidence. If you get the feeling that a planner is a little overconfident, she probably is, and that could be something to watch out for because they will have a hard time asking others for help. In this business, a planner’s job is to bring all the details, and people together for a successful event.


2&3 Photography

2&3 Photography

This is a no-brainer, but true creativity is very hard to find. For a truly spectacular event, find a planner who can not only coordinate all of your concepts, but also offer ideas to enhance and make them your own! The perfect planner offers a little left-side of the brain analytics for the logistics and details and a whole lot of right-side of the brain creativity for improvising and uniqueness.

3. PASSIONATE       

Why would anyone be in the wedding industry if they weren’t passionate about it? It’s enough to drive anyone insane. But, when you love it… there isn’t any other option. The reason I get up in the morning, write blogs about wedding stuff, have subscriptions to all the wedding magazines and keep a smile on my face after a 14-hour day is that I was born to do this. When hiring your wedding planner, make sure you find someone who is passionate about it and that love and passion will shine through to your day. Continue reading

If You Give a Girl a Camera …..

12 Dec

When Elizabeth from Glessner Photography emailed us this holiday season to see if we needed some professional photos done, we JUMPED at the chance. Literally—I hit my head on a lamp because I was so ecstatic! In this industry, we see so many beautiful photos… but very rarely are they of us!

Elizabeth was amazing and captured some awesome shots of Ashley and I. We had a blast and learned some “Make me look skinny” tips from a pro….

A HUGE THANK YOU to Elizabeth Glessner and Glessner Photography for such a wonderful holiday gift. If y’all want some awesome photos…. contact them now.

A Letter of Graditude

6 Dec

Happy Birthday to Merrymaking Events!

December is always a special month for me. It’s a great time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. I look back at all the wonderful things that happened throughout the year. December is an extra special month for Merrymaking Events because it was the month I officially started Merrymaking Events back in 2008.

As the wedding season of 2012 is winding down, we begin to embark on our 5th year in the business. It has flown by! I am grateful that I am able to share my love of events, and my love of love, with so many throughout the year.  I am thankful to have so many wonderful vendors that I have gotten to know. There are some beautiful people in this industry who have generous hearts and creative souls. I am lucky to know them and work with them.

I feel lucky to have the clients I do. Sometimes I wake up, look around and feel like ‘it’ shouldn’t be this easy. I get to work with wonderful people, planning such a special event in their lives. I feel honored that they choose me to trust and I take that honor very seriously. I LOVE that essentially, what I do, is help them create a perfect memory.  They will always look back on their wedding day, and I want them to unconsciously smile because the feeling they get with that memory is one of so much joy!

(C)  Glessner Photography

(C) Glessner Photography

I am fortunate that I am able to have Ashley Bodenheimer on my team. Having known her for a number of years, our paths kept crossing and I know it was meant to be that she be a part of Merrymaking Events. She is friendly, compassionate, sassy, professional and very organized… everything a great planner is. I look forward to watching her work grow even more in 2013.

In this industry, it is all about trust, offering something unique and professional experience. I feel like over the past 4 years, we have really come into our own. We have the experience (Just when I thought I saw it all) and we have the vision (No cookie cutter, one-style, boring weddings here). All of this gives us the trust and creditability in the industry to continue on our path.

As I reflect, I want to say a very grateful thank you to all of the brides who trusted us, photographers who captured it for us, the DJs and Bands that gave us something to sing about, the venues for providing the perfect backdrops and so many others who helped us get where we are, doing what we love.

Enjoy your holiday season and we’ll see you in 2013!

KM Signiture

{Crystal + Chad}

7 Jan

Real Wedding: September 5, 2010

{The Details}

{Ceremony & Reception} Graylyn Estate & Conference Center
{Wedding Planner} Merrymaking Events
Flowers by Candlelight
{Lights, Lanterns, Wall Drape}
K2 Productions
{Photographer} Aaron Kohns, Gain Composure Photography
{Live Ceremony Artist} Wedding Brushes
{Cake} Cakes by Manfred
{Harpist} Taylor Anne
{Photo Booth} Neil from Shutterbooth
{Band} The Dickens


Crystal is so lively and full of energy, a real a “Spitfire”, as my Mom would call it! Her drop-dead gorgeous looks are only a part of her, she is a real kind and wonderful person. It’s a perfect balance to the laid back and quiet groom. We were honored to be a part of this amazing event with such a fabulous group of people and team of vendors!

Held at the second largest private residence in the country (2nd to The Biltmore), Graylyn Estate and Conference Center in Winston-Salem, NC was a perfect location for this lively crowd. The grounds span for many acres, and the serene lawn seems to reach all the way to the horizon!

This event had many unique touches! It started with a beautiful ceremony on the lawn to music from 13-year-old harpist Taylor Anne. It was all captured by the live artist, Shannon, who presented the finished canvas to the couple at the end of the evening. The ceremony was followed by cocktails and dinner in the main house and then a party in the room that used to house the indoor pool.

The group rocked out to The Dickens, with the bride even singing a song to her groom…. and wow! She had a voice! It was a wonderful evening that everyone involved will remember forever, even us! It makes it even better when you receive an email from the Father of The Bride after the wedding: “Thanks so much for making my daughter’s day so special.  We have received so may great responses from family and friends that attended.  You and you staff truly made this a truly great experience and one we will cherish for the rest of our lives. ”

Thank you to Aaron from Gain Composure Photography who stepped up and took AMAZING photos of our gorgeous bride. Lisa, with Flowers by Candlelight, did some beautiful centerpieces.  Kenneth from K2 Productions did a great job covering the walls with beautiful fabric and getting the space ready to groove in.

We had a STELLER team of vendors and the even ran perfectly ….. Thank you!